Residence Permit and Visa



Residence Permit and Visa


Article 1 The foreign student in China should present himself to the Nanjing Quarantine Bureau as soon as possible to submit his health certificate or have his health checked up so that he could receive a health certificate issued by the Bureau. With this certificate issued by the Quarantine Bureau, a valid passport, photos, application forms written by the University and the JW202 form, he may apply within 30 days to the Government Visa Administration Office for a residence permit. Residence permit will be renewed every year after paying all the fees to the university.If the time of the residence permit needs to be extended or changed in any way, the foreign student himself can apply to the police one week ahead of the expiration date after receiving permission from the SIE of NMU. The foreign student who allows his residence permit expire will be fined.


Article 2 If a foreign student plans to leave China and return for further study, he must obtain permission from the University and apply for a re-entry visa before leaving the country. Otherwise, he will not be allowed to continue his study.


Article 3 Visas, passports, residence permit, foreign student ID cards etc. should not be damaged and violators will be punished. Residence permit should be well cared for end; if lost, it should be reported in the newspaper and invalidated by the proper officials. The foreign student should apply for a new residence permit and pay the proper fees.


Article 4 The foreign student may travel to open areas in China during the festivals and holidays. He should notify the Student AffairsOffice of his destination prior to his travel dates and go through the formalities of traveling by himself and pay his own traveling expenses. According to government regulations, foreign students traveling to open areas do not need a travel certificate but travel to closed areas need a travel certificate. Travel to closed areas without authorization is illegal.