Regulations on Cyber Behaviors of Foreign Students



Regulations on Cyber Behaviors of Foreign Students

第一条 为了规范我校留学生网络行为,引导留学生科学、合理、文明地使用校园网络资源,更好地发挥网络在教学、科研、生活服务和人才培养中的作用,加强网络信息安全管理,维护校园正常秩序,特制定本规定。

Article 1 The regulations are laid down to normalize cyber behaviors of foreign students, guiding them to make scientific and rational use of network resources.

第二条 本规定适用南京医科大学所有在册留学生。包括本科生、研究生。

Article 2 The regulations apply to all of the registered foreign students at NMU, including undergraduates and graduates.

第三条 本规定所称“网络行为”,是指留学生在校园内利用网络资源所进行的一切行为活动。

Article 3 Cyber behaviors here refer to all of the activities that foreign students engage in by means of network resources.

第四条 自觉遵守中华人民共和国、南京医科大学关于网络使用的有关规定,任何留学生和留学生组织在校园网安装、接入服务器须向学校现代教育技术中心报批,实行实名登记;举办新闻网络及论坛须经学校党委宣传部审批同意;对外公开发布校园新闻公告须经国际教育学院领导审核。

Article 4 Foreign students should conscientiously adhere to the concerned rules about network use of NMU. Any foreign student or foreign student organization should seek the approval of Modern Education Technique Center of NMU and register with real name before they install campus network and server. Setting up news cyber and forum is subject to examination and approval of the department of publicity of Party Committee of NMU. Issuing campus news and announcements to the public is subject to examination of leaders of International Education College.

第五条 不得登录非法网站,制作、复制、查阅、传播下列信息:

Article 5 Foreign students are not allowed to log in illegitimate websites, making, copying, consulting and spreading the following information:


Inciting to defy or sabotage the enforcement of Chinese constitution, laws and administrative regulations.


Instigating to subvert our state power and overthrow socialism.


Provoking to split People’s Republic of China and disrupt our reunification.


Stirring up to destroy our national unity.


Other activities that will violate Chinese constitution and laws.

第六条 严禁利用校园网制作、复制、查阅、传播含有封建迷信、淫秽、色情、赌博、暴力、凶杀、恐怖、教唆犯罪的文字、图片、音频、视频、网址等内容。

Article 6 It is strictly prohibited to make, copy, consult and spread words, pictures, audio frequency, video frequency and websites containing feudalism and superstition, obscene, pornography, gambling, violence, killing, terror and instigation by means of campus network.

第七条 不得在校园网上发布未经证实、无法确定来源的消息,严禁在网络上捏造或者歪曲事实、散布谣言。

Article 7 Anyone is not allowed to issue unconfirmed information on campus network. Fabricating or distorting facts, spreading rumors are strictly prohibited on campus network.

第八条 不得利用网络侮辱他人或者捏造事实诽谤他人。

Article 8 Any foreign student is not allowed to insult or slander others by means of network.

第九条 任何留学生或组织、不得从事下列危害校园计算机网络安全的活动:

Article 9 Any foreign student or organization is prohibited from being engaged in the following activities that will jeopardize the security of campus network.


Embezzling others account number, IP and MAC, privately lending or transferring campus network domain name.


Making and using offensive program code, impairing the normal operation of the campus information network.


Other activities that will harm the security of campus information network.

第十条 任何留学生和留学生组织不得制作、故意传播计算机病毒及其他任何具有破坏性的程序。

Article 10 Any foreign student or organization is not allowed to make, intentionally spread computer viruses and any other destructive programs.

第十一条 个人隐私受法律保护。任何留学生或留学生组织不得违反我国法律规定,利用计算机网络侵犯用户通信秘密和他人隐私。

Article 11 Any foreign student or organization is not allowed to infringe on others privacy through network.

第十二条 对本规定所列举的网络违规行为及情节,由国际教育学院提请学校现代教育技术中心、宣传部、保卫处等部门共同认定。处分处理意见参见《南京医科大学留学生违纪处分条例》。

Article 12 Violations of the regulations, as well as their nature, are submitted to Modern Education Technique Center and other relative departments for determination. As for punishment measures, please refer to “Disciplinary Punishments against Foreign Students”.