Regulations on Off Campus Living



Regulations on Off Campus Living


Article 1 In Jiangning campus all the freshmen are prohibited to live outside. In Wutai campus foreign students are allowed to apply for living off campus.


Article 2 Application for off campus accommodation must be submitted within the first two weeks of each semester. Any applications after this period will not be considered.


Article 3 Foreign students must submit an application (attached with permission from foreign student’s parents) to Student Affairs Office of SIE beforehand if living off campus. Only with the permission, can foreign students look for the apartments and sign rental contracts.


Article 4 Foreign students who are permitted to live off campus should report the address and telephone number to Student Affairs Office of SIE.


Article 5 Foreign students should register in local police station accompanied by the landlord within 24 hours.


Article 6 Foreign students who are permitted to live off campus should go to Nanjing Police Station to change his residence address with the certificate from the School and the registered residence form within 10 days.


Article 7 Foreign students who apply for living off campus should pay all previously accumulated expenses before moving outside. And the foreign student must sign the agreement with SIE. If any accident happens outside, the foreign student must be responsible for it