Regulations on Attendance



Regulations on Attendance

第一条 所有留学生都要自觉遵守学习纪律,不得迟到早退,不得无故旷课,有事先请假;

Article 1 Foreign students should consciously observe discipline, should not be absent without reason and must receive permission for any absence due to urgent business or sickness.

第二条 因病、因事请假,应事先办理请假手续:

Article 2 The leave procecedures are as follows:


Except for emergency cases, sick leave permissions require a certification provided by the University hospital in advance. If the sick leave is within a week, foreign students can ask for leave toStudent Affairs Office. If it extends over a week, a written report should be submitted to Dean’s Office of SIE.


For a business leave, a written request is necessary. Casual oral requests are not allowed. For a business leave of over one week, a written report to Dean’s Office of SIE is necessary and the leave must be taken after permission is granted. Foreign students who are absent from class without permission will be regarded as a truant.

第三条 为保证正常的教学秩序,迟到早退三次按旷课一次论处;

Article 3 To ensure the normal teaching sequence, the foreign student who is late for class or leaves early three times is considered as truant.

第四条 累计缺课时数(含请假、旷课)达到所修课程总数三分之一者,不得参加该门课程的考试及补考,必须申请重修;

Article 4 If a foreign student is absent with or without permission for an accumulated time of one third of the total teaching hours of anything subject, he/she is not allowed to participate in the exam or make-up exam of that subject.

第五条 一学期因病、事假累计达八周者,应予休学。因病、事假不能坚持学习并提出申请者,可以休学。休学期限最多一年。凡到期不能复学者,以自动退学论处;

Article 5 If a foreign student is on sick leave or business leave for an accumulated time of 8 weeks in one semester; his/her studies should be suspended. The foreign student who is unable to study because of sickness or urgent business is allowed to suspend his studies if he/she has made a formal application. The longest period allowed for suspension is one year. If a foreign student does not return at the proper time, he/she is considered to have terminated his/her studies.

第六条 留学生享受我国的节假日及学校的寒暑假;学生本国的重大节日学校不予放假,如学生请假,可酌情准假,但不予补课。

Article 6 The foreign students enjoy summer and winter vacations and Chinese national holidays. There are no other holidays (of foreign students’ own country) permitted. If the foreign students request to enjoy their big notional holiday during the working day, SIE will take the circumstances into consideration and decide whether agree or not. If the request is allowed, the foreign students will not be arranged to make up the missed lessons in their holidays.

第七条 无故缺课,不按时归校及学期结束前未经允许提前离校者,将受到如下处分:

Article 7 Foreign student who is absent without permission or doesn’t return to the University on time, or leaves school without permission before classes are officially over, he/she shall be subjected to the following punishments:


“Warning” is given to those who are absent for 20 or more study-hours.


“Serious warning” is given to those who are absent for 30 or more study-hours.


“Record demerit” is given to those who are absent for 40 or more study-hours.


“Under observation” is given to those who are absent for 50 or more study-hours.


“Expelled” is given to those who are absent for 60 or more study-hours, or stay away from the school for 2 weeks without permission.


The foreign student who ignores school regulations, absent from class, late, leave early very often without permission, destroys public property, fights with others etc., shall be criticized, warned, given demerits or placed under observation until he or she is dismissed.


Foreign student who is placed under observation by the University can regain normal status if he/she can correct his/her behavior and make great progress in his/her study within one year. Otherwise, the foreign student must return to his country of origin.


If the University makes the above decisions, the foreign student, the Embassy of his country of origin and his family will be notified in written form. He must leave immediately.

第八条 留学生假期期间外出,离开本市者,需到国际教育学院留学生工作办公室登记,告知所去地点及归校时间。

Article 8 If a foreign student desires to travel outside Nanjing during vacations, he/she should register in Student Affairs Office of SIE and giving notices the destinations and date of return etc.