Regulations on Fees



Regulations on Fees

第一条 留学生报到注册前须先办理交费手续,只有足额交清各项应缴学校的费用后才能办理有效注册手续。所有自费来我校学习的留学生都应交纳下列费用:





Article 1 Before register, all the foreign students must finish all the payment procedure, only after paying off all the fees, then he/she can eligible for valid registration procedure. The foreign student is required to pay the following:

a. Registration Fee

b. Tuition

c. Accommodation Fee

d. Refundable Deposit

第二条 以上费用必须全部用人民币交纳。

Article 2 The fees hereinbefore mentioned must be paid by RMB.

第三条 留学生必须在每学年(九月份)的第一个星期内交纳该学年规定的费用。如因特殊原因不能交纳者,经批准缓交,应在规定日期内交清。不能按时交纳费用者须交纳一定数量的滞纳金。

Article 3 The tuition fee and the accommodation fee must be paid during the first week of each new academic year start(September). The foreign students who can not pay the fees due to special reason in the limited time, must pay the fees during the limited time been allowed. The foreign students who do not pay the fees in the limited time will be penalized.

第四条 留学生各项费用应交至南京医科大学财务处,不得交至其他任何中介机构或个人。

Article 4 All the Payment of foreign students must directly send to the Finance Department of Nanjing Medical University, and can’t send to any agency or person.

第五条 留学生交纳学费、住宿费后,因各种原因退学的,学费不退还,住宿费根据留学生实际学习时间,按月计退剩余费用。留学生学习时间按每年十个半月计算。退学时间以留学生正式提交书面申请后,学校批准日期计算,当月15日以前(含15日)退学的,退还当月半个月的住宿费;超过15日的,当月住宿费不予退还。

Article 5 Foreign students who want to leave school after paying the tuition fee and the accommodation fee because of some reasons, the tuition fee will not be refunded. But a portion of the accommodation fee will be refunded. The accommodation fee are divided into 21 portions (ten and half of a month), and half of a month shares one portion of the fees. The date of leaving school will admitted by school after the foreign student submitting the written report. A portion of accommodation fee will be refunded before the 15th of that month, if after 15th of the month; nothing will be refunded of that month.