Regulations on Accommodations



Regulations on Accommodations


Foreign student dormitories are for living and study and therefore should be kept clean, quiet and safe in order to contribute to a pleasant living and study environment. All foreign students are requested to observe the following regulations:


Article 1 Foreign student dorms are supervised by dormitory Management Company.


Article 2 Each foreign student should live in the dorm assigned by the University. Changing rooms without permission or over-occupying furniture is not allowed.


Article 3 Two foreign students share one dorm. No dorms are provided for couples.


Article 4 Foreign student who demands living alone for some special reason should apply to Student Affairs Office in written from and, if permitted, is allowed to move to a separate room only after paying off his prior room charges in one lump sum.


Article 5 Foreign students should not be involved in illegal activities which violate either Chinese law or school regulations.


Article 6 Foreign students should observe the regulations for visitors and meet guests within the stipulated time. Visiting guest should fill in a visiting sheet, and with the manager’s permission, enter the reception room to meet foreign students. Guests are not allowed to enter and stay in the dormitory. Violating foreign student will be criticized, fined and punished severely.


Article 7 Good sanitary and hygiene practices should be maintained at all times both inside and outside the dorms. Passageways should remain unblocked. Piling up in the corridor or scribbling or posting is not permitted. Clothing or other things should not be hung or placed outside the windows and things should not be thrown out the windows. Animals or pets are not allowed in the rooms.


Article 8 Public property should be well cared for. Equipment should not be damaged, dismantled or tampered with in any way. Any damage or missing should be compensated.


Article 9 The University supplies equipment in each dorm to every foreign student (desk, chair, bed and bedding, air conditioner, telephone etc.) These are under the care of the foreign student living in the dorm. If any damaged or missing occurred, the foreign student should pay for it. The foreign student should return all things in good condition at the end of the semester or after termination of study.


Article 10 Quiet should be maintained in the dorms. Foreign students are not allowed to disturb other’s study or rest, for example, dancing, loud music, late parties, shouting, etc., are forbidden.


Article 11 Drinking alcohol in the dorms is forbidden.


Article 12 Foreign students should save water and electricity. Water faucet, light or other facilities should be turned off before leaving the dorms. Foreign students who violate the rules will be fined. Electric cooker, heaters and stoves are not allowed.


Article 13 Observe fire regulations all the time. Combustibles and explosive substances are not allowed in the dorms. Fire fighting equipment must be protected and maintained in good order. Every foreign student should consciously prevent fires.


Article 14 Foreign students should observe the daily schedule of the University. If a foreign student is required to be out later than the time allowed, permission should be obtained beforehand. Foreign students who violate the rules should be responsible for any consequence occurred.


Article 15 Foreign students of opposite sex are prohibited to live together. “Record demerit” is given to those who accommodate the opposite sex for the first time. “Expelled” is given when that happens to the same person twice or more. “Warning” is given to foreign students in the same dorm if not prevent that.


Article 16 Foreign students should be voluntary compliant and cooperative with property managerial personnel to check dorms and count the number of foreign students. For the occurance of “night out”, reports should be made to the property management in time.