The Moral Activity Regulation



The Moral Activity Regulation


Article 1 Foreign students should abide by Chinese law and regulations and university rules. Every activity to obstruct Chinese social orders, or violate other person’s rights or do harm to the Chinese safety and benefit is forbidden.


Article 2 Foreign students are prohibited to participate in illegal activities. Any kind of religious activities are forbidden in the campus.


Article 3 Foreign students from different countries, different nationalities should respect each other’s customs and traditions. Discriminating or humiliating others is forbidden.


Article 4 Foreign students are prohibited to form personal-interest clique, and fighting. Once discovered, foreign students involved will be punished severely or even expelled.


Article 5 Foreign students are expected to behave properly, be clean and tidy. No disheveled hair, clothes or dirty face. Foreign students are forbidden to go to class or other public places with slippers.


Article 6 No advocating foreign students to go to di bar, dance hall, or other entertainment places. If any kind of unexpected incidents which have something to do with the foreign students happen in these places, the foreign students will be published according to the Chinese law and corresponding legal procedures. The university will undertake no responsibility for the foreign students. And the foreign students will be given warning according to specific situations.


Article 7 Violating behaviors, for example, stealing other’s property, will be published severely. If foreign student’s behavior has broken Chinese law, he will be transferred to the judicial department.


Article 8 Foreign students are forbidden to engage in business activities or do any kind of job illegally. Once discovered, foreign students involved will be transferred to the corresponding departments and will be given disciplinary action.


Article 9 Foreign students should be active in participating activities organized by the university or class. Without permission, the absent foreign students will be regarded as skipping class.


Article 10 Please protect the trees, flowers, grass, equipment and facilities on campus. Maintain a peaceful environment at the University. Lighting fires on campus is not allowed. Please refrain from smoking in non-smoking areas.


Article 11 Foreign students are forbidden to distribute posts, all kinds of propagandas or advertise on the campus or on the campus net. Foreign students are forbidden to show movies, video cassettes or play religious tape openly or privately in the campus.


Article 12 Foreign students with unproper behavior, for example, disregarding university rules, breaking public property, disturbing public order, injuring other persons, getting drunk, fighting etc., shall be given a warning, record demerit, under observation, expelled according to the severity of the behavior.


Article 13 Foreign students who are given warning, record demerit or under observation can have their punishment cancelled if they show a noticeable improvement in one year, otherwise, they will be expelled.


Article 14 University punishments will be announced to the foreign student who was punished and the decision about the expelled foreign student will be informed to the embassy of his own country in China.