Regulations on Restudy for International Students, NMU


According to“Regulations on School Record  for International Students of NMU”, internationalstudents can apply for restudy.  The regulations are as follows:

Article1 Applicants

1.1 The studentswho failed to pass the  exam

1.2 Thestudents who were absent for exam, or  violating the discipline, or cheatingduring the exam

1.3 Thestudents who have passed exam but  expect for a better result

1.4 Thestudents who missed the exam for sick  leave and private affairs leave

Article2 Schedule time for  application

2.1 Within 1month at the beginning of each  semester.

Article3 Procedures of  application

3.1 Filling inthe form “The Application Form  of Restudy”, and go through related procedures.

3.2 Receivingadmission card for restudy  after applying for restudy is approved.

3.3 Paying feesfor restudy.

3.4 Restudycannot be changed when the  students finished all the procedures above.

Article4 Others

4.1 In general,there is no specific class  opened for restudy.

4.2 There aretwo ways of restudy: one is to  follow regular classes for specific subject, andthe other is to self-study with  the help of teachers.

4.3 Restudy canbe applied for more than one  time, without limitation..

4.4 In general,the students applied for  restudy cannot apply for postponing the exam.

4.5 Thestudents must show admission ticket  for restudy, student identity card, andpassport to the invigilator before  restudy exam.

4.6 A higherscore will be recorded after  finishing restudy and passing exam.

4.7 If astudent who did not receive a  warning or any other serious punishment due toabsence when he/she studied a  course in the latest semester, he/she can applyfor a reduction of 20% restudy  fees ofthis course.

This Provisionshall come into effect from  September 1, 2015. In case any discrepancy existsbetween the relevant provisions  heretofore adopted and the present Provision,the latter shall  prevail.