Regulations of Awarding Bachelor’s Degrees to International Students at NMU


Article1 In order to standardize awarding bachelor’ degrees to international students atNanjing Medical University (NMU), thisregulation is enacted according to the “Regulations of Awarding Degreesin the People’s Republic of China” , the “Regulations of Awarding Bachelor’sDegrees to Chinese Students at NMU”, andthe actual situations of managing international students in NMU.

Article2 International students who are attending Chinese mediumclasses with Chinese students should be awarded bachelor’s degree on the basisof the “Regulations of Awarding Degrees to Chinese Students at Nanjing Medical University”.

Article3 The qualifications of awarding the degree are as follows:

3.1 Morality

Students shouldabide by Chinese laws and regulations, NMU rules, and be ready to strive forthe development of health enterprise as well as mankind’s physical and mentalhealth.

3.2 Knowledgeand professional skills

Students shouldsatisfactorily complete all the curriculum and theses (including graduationdesign and internship) , and pass all examinations to meet requirements ofsyllabus. Students should have a comprehensive grasp of basic theory,professional knowledge and the basic skills, and have some preliminaryabilities to carry out professional work and scientific research beforegraduation.

3.3 Physicalquality

Students shouldbe physically healthy.

Article4Students are not eligible for the Bachelor’s Degree if any of the followingsituations occur:

4.1 The studenthas violated relevant rules and disciplines of morality , and been punished bydemerit marks on record or under observation by school or be expelled fromschool.

4.2 The studenthas been punished twice or more.

4.3 The studentfailed to pass one subject or more.

4.4 The studentwhose fault caused any serious or fatal accident with bad consequences during internship.

4.5 The studentfailed to pass the theoretical test or practical test of the graduationexamination.

4.6 The student failed to pass HSK Bank3or above ( or new HSK Bank 4.

4.7 The studentwhose studying status was ‘completing study’andhad not completed the curriculum or syllabus requirements.

Article5The student who has ever beenpunished bydemerit marks on record will not be awarded the Bachelor’s Degree unless:

The student hasmade remarkable or superior progress, and honored by written materials from theuniversity, or he/she wins the scholarship of SIE within one year or more afterpunishment.

The DegreeCommittee of NMU has approved to award the degree after discussion on thespecial report submitted by the School of International Education.

Article6Students ineligible for degrees caused by failing to pass the HSK Bank 3ornew HSK Bank 4shall apply for returning to NMU to re-attendHSK within two years of graduation.Havingpassed HSK, students shall be awarded the Bachelor’s degree. However, the dateof awarding is decided by the Degree Committee of NMU. For any reasons otherthan HSK, no NMU degrees shall be awarded.

Article7 The procedures of awarding the Bachelor’s degree are asfollows:

First, theDegree Committee of the School of International Education shall put forward alist of qualified students after checking individual academic records and othersupporting materials.

Second, theDegree Committee of the School of International Education shall report to theDegree Committee of NMU about students who are not eligible for degrees forfurther consideration.

Article8 The Degree Committee of NMU is fully authorized to awarddegrees to qualified NMU students,and students verified by the Degree Committeeof NMU will be awarded degree by NMU.

Article9 This regulation is explained by the School of InternationalEducation which is entrusted by the Degree Committee of NMU and takes effect onthe issue date.

* Results ofHSK can be approved by SIE only after students attending HSK which organized byNMU.