Punishments for Violating Disciplines & Cheating on Exams for International Students, NMU


Article1 The definitions of violating disciplines and cheating on exams.

1.1 Thefollowing behaviors belong to violating discipline of exams:

1.1.1. Beforeexams:

Beinglate or absent for exams without any excuses, failure to follow the seatingarrangement, making noises, paying no attention to invigilators, and thosebehaviors mentioned are regarded as disrupting the exam order.

Puttingwritten materials including books and notebooks in the wrong places.

Takingelectronic communication equipment including smart watches and mobiles orelectronic storage device to exam rooms.

1.1.2 Duringexams:

Failure to follow the seating arrangement or changing seats withoutinvigilators’ permission.

Leaving the exam rooms without invigilators’ permission during the exam.

Borrowingor lending things, talking or whispering to each other without invigilators’permission

1.1.3 After theend of exams:

Continuing to do the test after the ending signal is given

Looking at each other’s paper but without plagiarism.

Taking exam papers or scratch papers out of the room.

1.2 Thefollowing behaviors belong to cheating on exams:

Carryingor hiding written materials including books and slips related to examinationduring the examination .

Exchangingor delivering slips related to examination to each other during theexamination.

Electroniccommunication equipment including smart watches and mobiles or electronicstorage device are on working condition during the exam.

Discussingexamination questions and answers with the surroundings during the exam, ortalking, whispering to each other after warning of the invigilator.

Side-glancingand copying the other’s examination papers.

Alteringthe answers after handing in examination papers without the permission of theinvigilator.

Duringexamination, taking an exam instead of the others or helping the others to dothis, offering the others examination questions or answers no matter any forms.

Theother behaviors which is concluded as cheating on exam by both the spot andvisiting invigilator.

1.3 Behaviorsof serious cheating on examinations are as follows:

Obtainingexamination questions and answers before exam by evil means such as bribe,stealing, cheating.

Havingone’s own exam taken by someone else.

Cheatingon exam twice or more than twice.

Colludingclassmates (three people or more than three people) to cheat during the exam.

Colludinginside and outside examination room to cheat on exam by modern communicationequipment.

Afterexam, modifying examination answers by evil means such as bribe, stealing,cheating.

Rejectingto admit mistake with bad attitude and mischief-making to disturb the order ofexamination room when cheating on exam were found or handled.

Threateningor avenging the reporter, witness and staff, or preventing the others to reporttheir offense by evil means, even to hamper the job of staff.

Afterbehavior of cheating on exam happened, agitating related students for hamperingthe investigation, or making perjury to hamper the investigation.

Article2 Treatment

2.1 Forviolating disciplines:

Thestudents should receive a grade of zero and must restudy the subject .

The students,who violated disciplines, must make penetrating self-criticism, and they wouldbe given warning or serious warning; For those who slightly violateddisciplines but made deeply penetrating self-criticism with good attitude wouldreceive a reported criticism on the campus.

The students,who have violated discipline once, would be disqualify from the judgments ofthe superiority and prizes (including scholarship) in the specific academicyear.

2.2 Forcheating on exams

Thestudents should receive a grade of zero and must study this subject again.

Thestudents who have cheated on the exam must make penetrating self-criticism,andwill be recorded a demerit; the students, who have a good attitude to admitmistakes and cheat slightly on exam or who can report the others that cheatedon exam, can be lessened punishment .

Thestudents, who have violated discipline once, would be disqualify from thejudgments of the superiority and prizes (including scholarship) in the specificacademic year.

2.3 For seriouscheating on examinations

Thestudents should receive a grade of zero and must study this subject again.

Thestudents must make penetrating self-criticism. According to their attitudes ofadmitting mistakes and the actual situation of the cheating, they will be givenpunishments of probation or expulsion.

Thestudents, who have violated discipline once, would be disqualify from thejudgments of the superiority and prizes (including scholarship) in the yearspecific academic year.

Thestudents, who have serious cheating on exams again or who have already beenrecorded a demerit because of cheating on exam, should be given punishment ofexpulsion..

Article3 The others which are not mentioned above, should be handledaccording to the actual situation, and they are explained by the Office ofTeaching Affairs of SIE.