Rules of Reissuing Proof of Study History for International Students, NMU


Article1Being students’ study experience certificates, the proof of study historyshould be taken care of and cannot be lent to others.

Article2The proof of study history is including the diploma, the course- completioncertificate and a study certificate.

Article3 If any loss of the study history certificate, it can beapplied for reissuing. The transact procedure is as follows:

3.1 The studentwho lost the study history certificate has to report on the newspaperimmediately after losing it. Then the student can transact it with a writtenapplication, advertised newspaper and two inch photo without hat one month later.

3.2 Thetransaction time is Wednesday every week and will be finished two weeks later.

3.3 Fees shouldbe paid for reissuing study history certificate according to related rules. Andin emergency fasten fees must be paid for taking it quickly.

3.4 In general,reissue for proof of study history should be transacted by the owner. Ifcommissioned, the deputy should hold legal trust deed and valid identity card.

Article4The student who forges or modifies information of the certificate cannot applyfor reissuing the certificate and will be punished.