Rules of Register for International Students, NMU


Article1 In general, private affair leave cannot be asked for. If the student does needto ask for leave, the formalities of asking for leave must be gone through inadvance.

Article2 If a student asks for sick leave, the emergency sick leave cannot exceed 3days, the student should show sick leave letter with doctor’s signature and thestamp of the hospital together with case file, check-up reports and drug feesinvoice (or copies of the materials mentioned above). Hospitalizationcertificates and the copy of discharge reports should be provided, if a studentis in hospital because of sickness.

Article3 The student who is late for register but doesn’t play truant from school mustmake a written self-criticism and will be punished by the Office of Studentsaffairs, SIE.

Article4 The student who fails to register and attend on classeswithout any reason should be punished according to Regulations on School Recordfor International Students of NMU.

Article5 Register cannot be transacted by others. If happened, the related studentswould be punished according to the actual situation..

Article6 The others which are not mentioned above shall be separately prescribed by theOffice of Teaching affairs, SIE and it is explained by the Office of TeachingAffairs, SIE.