Examination Discipline for International Students, NMU


Article1 The students should take the examination arranged by the Office of TeachingAffairs. The students should enter the exam-room 15 minutes in advance, andtake a seat as arranged. Those who do not follow the seating arrangement wouldbe regarded as violating the rules. Those who are late for 15 minutes without anyexcuse, shall not allowed to take the on-going exam and would be treated asbeing absent for the examination.

Article2 The students should take passport and the ID card when theyenter the exam-rooms. Books, bags, notebooks and things related to examinationshould be laid in the designated place. After taking the seat, the studentsshould check the desk and the drawer, and hand in things related toexamination. A Passport, An ID card, necessary stationeries, and designatedtools are allowed to put on the desk while papers, books, bags or writtenmaterials are forbidden to put on the desk or in the drawer . If breaking therules, the offenders should be treated as violating disciplines or cheating onexams.

Article3 The student should not take the mobiles, smart watches , and other electroniccommunication equipment or electronic storage device into the exam-room. Ifbreaking the rules, the offenders should be treated as violating disciplines orcheating on exams.

Article4 The examination paper should be clean and clear. Class and name are required towrite on the paper. The examination paper of the students who use red pen ordidn’t write the class or name shall be regarded as invalid paper and gradedzero. If the handwriting is so illegible that the teachers fail to recognizethe answers, the examinee is responsible for any consequences.

Article5 The examinee should complete the exam paper independently in the stated time.Whisper to each other, or look at each other’s paper, or carry the scripsecretly, or transfer the scrip, or plagiarize or exchange the answers, orcarry the examination paper out of the exam-room are forbidden. If breaking therules, the offenders would be treated as violating disciplines or cheating onexams.

Article6 Before handing in the examination paper, the examinees arenot allowed to leave in advance. After handing in the examination paper, theexaminees should leave the exam room immediately instead of looking at others’papers or staying in the room or talking at a nearby place . When time is up,the examinees should stop writing immediately and stay at the seat. Theexaminees are allowed to leave the exam-room only after all examination papersare collected and counted. If breaking the rules, the offenders would betreated as violating disciplines or cheating on exams.

Article7 The students must attend all the examinations as stipulated. Those who cannottake the exam due to illness or special difficulties should submit a writtenapplication( If they are ill, a certificate with a signature of manager fromthe clinic of NMU must be provided) . After suggestions are written down on theapplication by the office of Student Affairs ,the students may postpone theexamination after application is approved by the Office of Teaching Affairs ofSchool of International Education.

Article8 The students who asks others for replacement in the exams orreplaces others in exam shall be regarded as cheating on exams. The offenderswho violates the rule and is asked to leave exam room by invigilators shall beregarded as being absent for the examination.

Article9 The restudying students would not have separate exam rooms. They are requiredto show the admission ticket for restudying, passport and student ID card.

Article10 If any behaviors of violating disciplines or cheating onexam happened, offenders will be punished according to “the Punishments forViolating Disciplines and Cheating on Exams”