Regulations on Internship and Extension of Graduation for International Students of NMU


In order tostandardize the teaching management for international students, and cultivatestudents to be qualified medical students, this regulation is enacted by Schoolof International Education according to the relevant regulations of theDepartment of Teaching Affairs and actual situation.

1. Aftercompleting all the theoretical and practical courses, and passing theexaminations, students can do their internship in their home country or a 3rdcountry with their application approved by School of International Education,and the application should be submitted with a certificate from the hospitalwhere the student has his/her own internship.

2. Students whodo internship out of China have to register for the graduation exam beforeApril 30th or October 31st every year if their internship is completed. Notuntil passing the graduation exam will they are conferred with diploma and MBBSdegree according to the relevant provisions of SIE.

3. For thestudents who pursuing internship in China:

3.1 If the student who apply to dointernship in China, he/ she must pass HSK Bank 5 or above (210 points in newHSK Bank 4 or above).

3.2 Studentswho still fail in the make-up exam of any subject, and are not eligible fordegrading, can apply for continuing internship in hospital. If the studentpasses the failed subject(s) in restudy exam during internship, he/she will beapproved to reach the requirements of graduation.

3.3 Students whohave not passed New HSK Bank-4 210points( or Old HSK Bank -5), are not allowedto enter the internship. After passing the HSK level required by theuniversity, then the student is allowedto join in the internship. During the extended period students will have to pay50% of the tuition fee for extension.

4. All students,wherever they do their internship, will have to take the graduation exam aftercompletion of internship and if they fail in the graduation exam (after make-upexam) they can apply for extension of the graduation but have to pay the 50% oftuition fee annually until they pass the graduation exam.

5. Students whohave applied for extension of graduation and approved by NMU can apply forgraduation exam before April 30th or October 31st everyyear during extension. Students who have passed the exam and meet requirementsof graduation will be conferred diploma and degree certification.

6. The longestduration of undergraduate program for International students in SIE is 9 years.All students shall not exceed the 9 years, or the university will not issue thediploma and degree certificate.

7. Thisprovision is for the English-medium MBBS students who were enrolled in 2008 andthereafter.

8. Theregulation is carried out by School of International Education.

9. This regulation will come to effect from the issue date, and if there is anycontroversy between the earlier regulation and this regulation, the latter willbe valid.

* Results ofHSK can be approved by SIE only after students attending HSK which organized byNMU.