Great Achievements of Sino Foreign Students of our University in 2018 at Jiangsu Undergraduate Computer Design Competition


Jiangsu Undergraduate Computer Design Competition “Jiance Cup” held on May 19th - 20th, 2018 , which is also the Jiangsu Provincial Competition of the 11th China Undergraduate Computer Design Competition, took place in Nanjing Xiaozhuang University. 239 teams from 49 universities and colleges in Jiangsu, such as Southeast University, Hohai University, Nanjing Normal University, Nanjing University Of Posts And Telecommunications etc. competed for the qualification of national competition on the same stage.

For the first time, international students from our university teamed up with Chinese students to participate in the competition. Among the four entries, “ICH Assisted Diagnosis System”, designed by Thabrew Lahiru Aruna Shan Hemachandra (Nationality: Sri Lanka), Gao Wenxing and Jiang Kewen, supervised by Hu Xiaowen and Zhang Wei, won the grand prize. “Heart-linked Smart Medical”, designed by Liu Yihe, Zhang Xinyuan and Tharushi Devinka Jayasekara (Nationality: Sri Lanka), supervised by Zhu Jing and Du Xiaoqiu, won the first prize. “Studying Abroad in Jingling, experiencing in Mingcheng”, designed by Jiang Yi, Zou Xiaoteng, Guo Wei, Bibi Rukshar Noorsaheen Ghingut (Nationality: Mauritius) and Kishoram Selvaratnam (Nationality: Sri Lanka), supervised by Du Xiaoqiu and Zhu Jing, and “Different Blood Types”, designed by Dong Yiren, Zhou Jiawei and Chaimaa Aayale (Nationality: Morocco), supervised by Ding Guipeng and Hu Xiaowen, won the third prizes. Four teams won one grand prize, one first prize and two third prizes and all of them are qualified for national competition. Hu Xiaowen and Zhang Wei won the outstanding supervisors prize. In addition, NMU won the outstanding organization prize.

In this competition, NMU's four entries involved four different categories, which are computer-assisted medical care, graphic design, micro-curricular & teaching aids, and traditional cultural documentaries. This is a united effort by Chinese and international students in which the thoughts and innovations from different countries not only produced unique computer works, but also deepened the cultural communication and friendship between Chinese and international students, which reflected positive significance of improved international cultural atmosphere in NMU.