SIE Students Made an Excellent Achievements in the 49th Sports Meeting of NMU




With the fragrance of osmanthus wafting in such invigorating autumn air, the 49th sports meeting of Nanjing Medical University came to a successful end on October 26th, 2018. SIE teachers and students strived to make new progress. They won the first position in student men's group, getting the best result in the history. And some athletes even made a great performance by winning award in successive two years.


At the opening ceremony, freshers from 35 countries, walking with tidy pacetogether under the leadership of SIE faculty, waved their national flags and shouted the slogan "higher, swifter, stronger" which made a great impression to all NMUers.


More than 100 athletes of SIE tried their best and won the top 3 positions in male 4*100 relay, male 100m, male 200m, volleyball relay, male 400m, male 3000m and so on. The postgraduate student Hashmi of 2016 won the champion again in the football kick competition since last year. The undergraduate student Samuel of 2016 and Keethanshan of 2014 and postgraduate student Vadamootoo of 2017 won the top 3 prizes again.


At this sports meeting, the volunteers dedicated their efforts to help the athletes, showing the spirit of unity and enthusiasm of our school. After the game, the freshmen said it is a good opportunity to enrich their campus life and enhance the friendship between them. They expect the next sports meeting and enjoy the joy of sports.

(文/ 尹榕/阿布,扑洛善,迪利泰,沙山克)

(Passage by Monica/ pictures by Syed Saad, Prashan, Dilitha, Shashank)