The Inauguration Ceremony of Nanjing Medical University International Student Association


The Inauguration Ceremony of Nanjing Medical University International Student Association (NMUISA) was held on the Jan 8th, 2019 at the Auditorium of the Jiangning Campus Library in the presence of the Directors from NMU’s Publicity Department, Youth League Committee, the Department of Student Affairs, distinguished leaders and faculty of School of International Education (SIE) and student representatives from SIE.

The event was hosted by Ms. Jiang Hailan, Vice Dean of SIE. The most coveted and awaited occasion for the International students of NMU was when the leader of the Youth League committee confirmed the establishment of NMUISA as one of the student associations of NMU. The event was then preceded by the endowment of the Letters of Appointment to the student leaders of NMUISA. Followed by Thabrew Lahiru Aruna Shan Hemachandra, President of the very first NMUISA spoke about his commitment to justice, trying to create an explicit change for the campus, the SIE community; while emanating an unshakable positive attitude and introduced all the departments and the work done since its inception. At last, Prof. Wang Hai, Dean of SIE encouraged the members of NMUISA to strive for excellence in all of their work and serve as a model in academics and life by strengthening their contact with other student associations on campus, and to be better acquainted with Chinese students. He further hoped to promote the international students to inherit the excellent, rigorous and pragmatic academic style of NMU.

Currently, there are 723 international degree students in NMU. The establishment of the International Student Association provides the international students, a good platform for them to conduct self-management and to cultivate their abilities. In so doing, they not only assist the school by efficiently managing the international students but also cooperate to build a harmonious campus.