A Letter to the International Students




Dear international students of Nanjing Medical University,


      Hello everyone!



      Since the outbreak of the COVID-19, the Chinese people have fought in unity, bringing together the mighty power as union, in which the epidemic prevention and control has achieved remarkable results. Up to now, no new confirmed cases have been reported for 32 days in Jiangsu Province and the city of Nanjing. 



      In this special period, in order to ensure the normal operation of education and teaching in the new semester, realizing suspension of school without suspension of study, “no delay in study and make no discount in the quality of teaching”, our faculty members have actively devised the online courses plans, carefully made every online teaching preparationsAnd the university is also doing its best to reduce the impact of the epidemic on students' study, internship and graduation. During the epidemic, the university attaches great importance to and cares for the health of each student and their family. Students are requested to protect themselves and maintain a scientific and healthy lifestyle by drinking plenty of water, opening windows often, keeping good ventilation, washing hands frequently and doing more disinfection. Besides, they are requested to keep rational diet, exercise often and improve the physical fitness.



      In this connection, the university also hopes that students will be conscious, confident, self-disciplined, and self-strengthening during the epidemic and that their learning attitude will not be relaxed and their learning standards will not be lowered. We hope that students will consciously carry their medical mission on their shoulders and implement the autonomous learning, facing the difficulties and cherishing every moment of the glorious youth.



      The epidemic has delayed the spring’s arrival, but we have seen the dawn of victory through helping and encouraging each other. Every cloud has a silver lining, and we believe we will soon meet again in the splendor of spring, and work together to build a better future.




School of International Education

Nanjing Medical University

March 22, 2020