International Students Completed Midterm Internship Examination in the Third School of Clinical Medicine


Vice President of Nanjing Medical University Dr. Xia Youbing led a team of nine experts and teachers to conduct a midterm internship examination for the international students in our hospital at 8:30am on December 5, 2016. Vice President of our hospital Dr. Qi Jianwei attended the midterm examination. The Educational Department, directors and teaching affairs secretaries from individual training sections, as well as 18 interns representing Class 2011 received the examination.

The examination began after Dr. Qi Jianwei gave his welcoming speech. The main contents of the midterm internship examination included multi-station skills assessment, documents checking, experts’feedback, internship report, and teachers & students symposium,.etc. It was the first time the school has used multi-station skills assessment in this year, which included 7 stations: medical history collection, physical examination, \diagnosis and treatment thinkings, surgical skills, internal medicine skills, obstetrics and gynecology skills, doctor-patient communication.

In the feedback, the experts praised the achievements of the students, pointed out the inadequacies found in the process, and encouraged the teachers and students to make this examination a fresh start of greater progress. After that, international student leader Warren introduced their internship experience at the hospital and appreciated the teachers of school and hospital for their help.