Frequently Asked Questions

1.       When should I apply in 2020?

Application time in 2020 is January 1st to June 30th.


2.       How do I apply?

All applications should be submitted online in our application portal. The website is Applicants should sign up for a user name and submit all required documents. There is no need to send physical copies.


3.       Is there an application fee?

There is NO application fee.


4.       Do I have to ask an agency to file my application?

No. You may apply directly. You will only be evaluated based on your academic performance.


5.       What undergraduate programs are available in 2020?

There are seven undergraduate programs in 2020: MBBS in English Medium, Medical Imagine in English medium, Medical Imaging Technology in English medium, Rehabilitation Medicine in English medium, Nursing in English medium, Clinical Medicine in Chinese medium, Stomatology in Chinese medium.


6.       How many MBBS seats are available in 2020

There are 100 MBBS seats for 2020 intake.


7.       When will my study begin?

The new semester will start in September 2020. We currently have only fall (September) intake. There is NO spring intake.


8.       Does a new student receive scholarship?

Yes, every new student receives some kind of scholarship, or a combination of multiple scholarships. The scholarships include Chinese Government Scholarships, Jiangsu Government Scholarship, Jiangsu ASEAN Scholarship, Nanjing Government Scholarship, NMU Full-tuition Scholarship, NMU Half-tuition Scholarship, NMU Quarter-tuition Scholarship, NMU New Enrollment Scholarship. For a detailed description of scholarships of a particular program, please refer to the corresponding prospectus.


9.       If I receive a scholarship, do I have to pay an admission deposit?

Yes, you do need to pay the deposit in time even if you receive a full-tuition scholarship. Paying fees and receiving scholarship are two separate processes.


10.   How do I apply for a scholarship?

For Chinese Government Scholarships, please submit your application at the CSC website ( ) before the deadline. For Jiangsu Government Scholarship and Jiangsu ASEAN Scholarship, please submit your application at the website before the deadline. For scholarships from Nanjing Medical University, there is no separate application. All admitted students will be automatically considered for scholarships.


11.   Is the admission deposit refundable

It is NOT refundable.


12.   Can I arrive before the registration date?

You may arrive as early as two days before your registration day. If you arrive prior to that time, the dormitory will not be available and you have to find your own accommodation.


13.   It is my first time in China, will someone pick me up at the airport?

We do provide airport pickup for undergraduate students. Postgraduate students have to manage their travel from the airport to our campus.


14.   I am applying for postgraduate study. Do I need to get an acceptance letter from my supervisor before I can be admitted?

Yes, most postgraduate students do need an acceptance letter from the designated supervisor in order to be formally admitted. MPH students do not designate their supervisors before their study so this is not required for MPH applicants. After you submit your application, our Admissions Office will conduct a preliminary review. If you meet our requirements, the Admissions Office will forward your application to your supervisor to get confirmation. Alternatively, you can also contact the supervisor to secure an acceptance letter. 


15.   Where will an undergraduate student study?

For MBBS students, you spend the first 4 years studying in Jiangning campus, and the 5th year in Wutai campus. Your 6th year will be spent on internship in a hospital.


16.   Where will a graduate student study?

It depends on your specialty and your supervisor. For example, a graduate student doing clinical study is most likely stationed in Wutai campus, while an MPH student is stationed in Jiangning campus.


17.   Can a student live off-campus?

Yes. For undergraduate students, you may apply to live off-campus from your second year, subject to approval by our Student Affairs Office. For graduate students, you may choose to live off-campus for the duration of your study.


18.   Is there a canteen that offers halal food?

Yes, there is such canteen on both Jiangning and Wutai campuses.