ⅰImportant phone numbers and addresses

All the students’ dormitory in NMU Jiangning campus is fixed with direct-dialing telephones. Students can make both local and long distance call. The telephone cards are needed if students want to make calls and the fees are by your own.

(1)Some important and useful telephones and addresses:

Free direct-dialing service calls

Fire Alarm: 119, First-Aid Station: 120, Public Security Emergency: 110,

Telephone Repair: 112 Telephone Inquiry: 114, Transportation accidents: 122

(2) Jiangning science park policy station: 52291110

(3) Jiangning campus security: 86868110

(4) Jiangsu Province international travel health care center. The center provides with the international travelers with many service. For example: health care examinations, inoculation service and international travel health care service. Address Nanjing Baixia Road 1#. Tel: 52345700, 52345711(inoculation office).

(5) Nanjing public security bureau. The bureau is in charge of the students’ visa in China and the residential certification. Address: Nanjing Sanyuan alley Honggongci 3#. Tel: 84420009.

(6) China travel agency and Commercial international travel agency. The students can book the park tickets and transportation tickets by telephone. Address: Commercial international travel agency: Nanjing Zhongshan North Road 313#, Tel: 83471972.

ⅱ. Medical care and hospitals

NMU Jiangning campus hospital emergency: 86868151, 86868152.

Major hospitals in Nanjing:

1). Jiangsu Province People&1000s Hospital Add: 300 Guanzhou Rd. Tel: 83718836

(2). Jiangsu Province Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine Add: 156 Hanzhong Rd. Tel: 86617141

(3). Nanjing Gulou Hospital Add: 30 Zhongshan Rd. Tel: 83304616

(4). Nanjing Stomatological Hospital Add: 321 Hanzhong Rd. Tel: 57713522

ⅲ On-campus Lodging

1,Jiangning Campus: All the students should live on campus. Building No.7 is the international students’ dormitory. The dormitory is fixed with color TV, air-conditioner, shower bath and telephone. Students should obey the lodging regulations when living at school. Building No9 has guest hotel where the students’ relatives and friends can live in. The fee is 25yuan per person/night.

2 Wutai Campus: The students can live in the International Students’ Dormitory or arrange the lodging by themselves.

Kang Da hotel. Address: Nanjing Shanghai Road 1#. Tel: 86862111. Reception desk: 86862870; 66853822

ⅳ Exchange of foreign currency

In Nanjing, foreign currency can be exchanged to RMB at both banks and some big hotels. These banks are: Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, Merchants Bank of China, China Communications Bank, HuaXia Bank of China. The hotels are: Jinling Hotel (five-star), the Central Hotel (four-star), and the Grand Hotel (four-star).

ⅴShopping and food

1, In Nanjing, any kinds of goods are available. If you want to buy some daily and ordinary goods, you can go to the Xinjiekou Department Store, the Central Plaza, and Suning Universal, Suning Milky Way at Hunan Road. If you want medium or high grade goods, you can easily purchase them at Jinying Building or Jinling Shopping Center. If you want articles for everyday use, you can purchase them at Suguo Supermarket. Supermarkets run by foreign corporations, such as Metro, are also accessible.

2, Delicious food

Snacks of Confucius Temple.

Lion bridge of Hunan Road.

Indian restaurants: Kohinoor restaurants. Add: Nanjing Ramada Hotel, 2nd floor.(Zhongshan North Road 45#).

Tajmahal:Add: Xinjiekou Fengfu Road117#(on the west of municipal public security bureau).

Shanghai Punjabi: Add: Walking Street, Hunan Road.

Himalaya Nepali & Indian Restaurant Add: Shigu Road.

ⅵ Transportation

From the railway station to NMU

1. From the railway station to NMU Wutai campus, you may take the bus or the subway.

(1) Take bus No13 to Shanghai Road stop.( get ready for the exchanges before getting on the bus).

(2) Take subway line 1 to Xinjiekou station. Exit the station to the direction of Hanzhong Road. Hanzhong Road140# is the Wutai campus.

2. Taxi: Exiting the station, turn left, walks for one minute and you&1000ll be at the Taxi Reception. The starting price of Satana, Xiali, and Fukang is 9 yuan, and it will cost you 20 yuan to be taken to the school. Each taxi will take you to the Nanjing Hanzhong Road140#.

From the airport to NMU, you can take

1. The airport bus: Ride the bus until you come to the Zhonghuamen below the metro stop. The cost is 25 yuan, and takes a taxi to your destination. It will cost you about 15 yuan to NMU Waitai Campus, or 50 yuan to NMU Jiangning Campus.

2. A Taxi: It will cost you about 140 yuan from the airport to NMU Waitai Campus, 100 yuan to NMU Jiangning Campus.

3 From Wutai Campus to Jiangning Campus. It will cost you 4 yuan one time one person (refers to the school bus schedule).