School of International Education Celebrate Its Fifth Annversary with “Your Story, Our History” Evening Party


On the evening of May 14th, 2010, School of International Education(SIE) celebrated its fifth annversary with “Your Story, Our History” Evening Party at students center of JiangNing Campus. Presidents Chen Qi, Deputy Secretary Zhou Yafu, Vice-president Zhang Zhufan, Vice-president Wang Changqing made their personal appearance at the evening party. Some leaders and teachers from affiliated hospitals, leaders from every functional department and second-rank schools, all teachers and students from SIE as well as student representatives from other school of our university also attended the evening party.

President Feng Zhenqing, Dean of SIE, delivered a passionate speech of heart-felt gratitude on the history of SIE and proclaimed the opening of the evening party.

At the beginning of evening party, a DV about SIE students especially the first graduate foreign students in clinical medical speciality was played. Seeing the video of their school life and clinical life, many teachers of SIE miss those graduate foreign students more.

The opening dance “Fashion Ka Jalwa” performed by 26 SIE students coming from India, Nepal, South Africa, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Indonesia and Taiwan. Their traditional clothing and wonderful dance gave audience a big surprise. When the Taiwan students sang the theme music of Taiwan Pavilion in 2010 Shanghai World Expo——Heartbeat of Taiwan, all people present were deeply moved by their love to their hometown.

The following dancing performances——dance from India, from Mauritius and from Taiwan——also gave us a new and deep impression.

The self-made and self-directed Chinese sketch We from foreign students and English sketch The Patient and the Nurse with the Mad Witch Doctor from three foreign teachers really maintained close contact with life and won a lot of applause from audience.

Earthquake in Yushu not only affected Chinese people’s feeling but also foreign students’. In this celebration party, beautiful songs from band of “Guoji Brothers” showed their blessing to Yushu victims. The soulful performance given by the band of “Hz-Hearts” really stimulate the enthusiasm of the audience and explain the true meaning of “Music is a universal language”.

In this evening party, traditional chinese elements also captured people’s attention. Korean dance New Songs for Ali Lang, folk music New Racing Horses and Beijing opera The Drunken Beauty particularly attracted those foreign students.The last performance is Indian dance Wanted which gave us a chance to enjoy the passionate music and charming dance of India.

More than three hours’ evening party of SIE truly is a great success. The success of SIE, the success of all teachers and students from SIE and the success of NMU.