Good News: Our SIE Team Won the Outstanding Award in the Fashion Show Competition


As the opening ceremony of the 22nd Science and Technology Culture Art Festival of Nanjing Medical University, the Fashion Show Competition has been successfully concluded. With an excellent performance on the stage, the team from our School of International Education won the Outstanding Award, topping the other 11 school teams.

No pains, no gains. Our SIE foreign students’ team stood out from the fierce competition among the 12 school teams, which is inseparable from their hard training and unremitting efforts before the competition. In the past one month, they worked together to make division of labor, spared time after class to design costumes and rehearse dance. In order to make sure the accuracy of the dance movement and the innovation of the costume design, everyone in the team did his/her best and devoted to the preparation work. Each dance rhythm and movement represented their hard work they have done. Every concept and design embodied their collective wisdom. On the stage, our students won the applause and praise from the judges and audience with their innovative design and dynamic dance. A dance music “Rolling in the Deep” highlighted the whole atmosphere. Six-minute performance was almost perfect.

Note surging, youth fling, our students created the most beautiful landscape of the campus in April with their dynamic, bold, brilliant and beautiful performance.