NMU Welcomes “Chinese Government Scholarship” Students


The Chinese Government Scholarship is offered by China&1000s Ministry of Education to accomplished students and teachers all around the world, enabling them to study or do further research in China.  The scholarship covers twelve disciplines, including politics, economy, culture, education, and trade. Because the number of scholarships offered is proportionate to the success and prestige of the universities involved, the Chinese Government Scholarship becomes an important recognition of the respective university&1000s international students&1000 programmes.

Nanjing Medical University has been teaching an English-language MBBS programme for international students since 2004, and as of the end of 2013, 780 international students had been enrolled from 26 countries including many in Asia, Africa, North America.  306 undergraduates from four year groups and 3 postgraduates from one year group have graduated and their success in the Chinese physician certification exam is among the highest of all colleges and universities in China. In September 2013, NMU&1000s English-language MBBS programme was evaluated by the Ministry of Education and won favourable recommendations from the visiting delegation.

After a decade of development, the courses offered to international students at NMU are commendably thorough. In recognition of this, on March 11th 2014, the Ministry of Education announced that 14 Chinese colleges and universities, including NMU, are now eligible to admit ““Chinese Government Scholarship” students.  This decision demonstrates the quality of education offered to international students at NMU, and a guarantee of increasingly high-calibre international students.  It further expands NMU&1000s global influence and reputation, and boosts the incorporation of NMU education into the global medical education system.