SIE Held Tree-planting Activity For International Students Themed on " Join Hands to Add Spring Spirit and Build the Love of NMU"


With the grass grows and the birds fly in the warm sun of spring, on March 11, when the Arbor Day was approaching, SIE collaborate with the Property Service Center of the Asset Management Company of NMU to carry out a tree-planting activity in the courtyard of the international students' dormitory in Jiangning Campus, on the theme of Join Hands to Add Spring Spirit and Build the Love of NMU. Vice dean and all counselors of SIE, staff of Property Service Center of Asset Management Company and nearly 30 representatives of international students from all over the world attended this activity.

At the passionate planting site, the international students grouped freely, moved the soil with shovels, dug the tree holes, set up the seedlings and cultivated the soil, and watered the seedlings with buckets. In the tacit cooperation and happy laughter, 6 cherry blossom saplings, symbolizing friendship and hope, were planted, to pray that the gloom of global pandemic would disappear as soon as possible and people could enjoy the warm sun of spring together.

In the beautiful season of spring, the international students relieved their psychological pressure brought by study and pandemic, experienced the special fun brought by labor, and deepened their great affection with NMU while adding a splash of beauty to the campus in the coming spring.