Online Verification Process for Examination Results (International Undergraduate Programs)


The application and review for verification of students' examination results will be processed online, and the relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

  1. Application criteria:

Candidates who have objections to the scores may submit an application for verification within one week after the results are announced.

  1. Online review process:  

  1. URL :

  2.  Username and initial password are student I.D. number. If you fail to login, please contact Mr. Dong (董老师) during regular working time8:30-11:30A.M.14:00-16:00P.M. Beijing time, Monday to Fridayto reset the password. TEL: 86-25-86868604

  3. Use “留学生教务系统” as the key words, search the key words in the search box which is in the top of web page.

  1. Click the red heart, add the “留学生教务系统” into the favorite link, then you can find it in the left of the web page.   

  1. Click the“留学生教务系统”, then you can visit the new teaching affairs system.

  2. Select “报名申请”-“成绩复查申请”. Choose the course you want to recheck and click “申请” ,after filling in the reasons for the application, click “提交”。