Nanjing Medical University Master of Public Health (Global Health) Training Program

Introduction of the Master of Public Health (MPH) in Global Health (GH) Program

The MPH in Global Health (GH) Program in Nanjing Medical University (NMU) is designed for overseas students in order to cultivate first-class professionals in public health and major-related talents all over the world, especially for developing countries, and to improve health services in these countries, among which the countries belong to the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road (the Belt and Road) were given greater focus.

The project, under the context of globalization, focuses on controversial issues in the field of health affecting the world political and economic structure, in particular threats on human survival such as major infectious diseases, chronic diseases, environmental degradation and climate deterioration developing countries are facing today. It aims to promote health and eliminate health disparities among regions by integrating global professional expertise and academic research advances in public health, and by improving students’ application of method and analytical capacity, help them effectively participate in the formulation and evaluation of national health policies in response to health challenges over the world, especially in developing countries, for example, effective control of acute and chronic infectious diseases which affect global and regional health and safety such as SARS, Ebola, HIV, influenza, tuberculosis and hepatitis; by promoting health and health education, effectively control chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart-cerebrovascular diseases; by improving polluted air, water and soil and focusing on related diseases caused by the process of industrialization, realize basic healthcare rights for local residents and ultimately influence and push forward health cause for everyone in developing countries.

The goal of this program is to develop students’ professional skills on global and regional health policy formation and strategic planning, establishment of public health network, allocation of health care resources, management of health crises and so on. By demonstration practice of typical public health cases, the program, including Chinese, biostatistics, epidemiology, environmental health, infectious diseases and health economy, aims at training application-type professionals with global vision and commitment to the public health for developing countries and regions. The length of this program is 24 months of full attendance, and over this time, students should finish all courses required and related research. Qualified students will obtain the MPH degree certificates and diplomas of the Global Health Program from Nanjing Medical University.

After two years of professional training, students will become advanced preparatory talents with management and execution skills in the field of global public health, understand a considerable amount of Chinese culture and communicate fluently in Chinese, and promote collaboration and communication in the health field between China and other developing countries. Graduates could work in governmental health administration agencies, non-governmental organizations, international rescue agencies, non-governmental health organizations, research and academic institutions, medical institutions.

The School of Public Health, NMU, qualified for offering courses for MPH in global health, is one of the experienced international education institutes, providing postgraduate programs for students overseas for many years. English-instructed courses such as Epidemiology, Biostatistics, Advanced Epidemiological Methods, Public Health Data and Management, Public Health Management and Policies, Health Promotion and Health Economics, are available in the program. A large number of students from numerous developing countries had graduated from our school and had since been working in departments in the field of public health in their own countries. The lecturers have obtained qualifications in top international institutes, such as Harvard University, Yale University, Michigan State University, University of Pennsylvania, The George Washington University, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Nagoya University, National University of Singapore and they are qualified to all-English instruction. Moreover, professors from Yale University, NIH/NIEHS, and Duke University are invited to teach in this program as well. Furthermore, long-term collaborations have been established between the School of Public Health and other departments of Nanjing Medical University, schools and colleges involved in global health, as well as universities, hospitals, FDA, environmental protection departments, administration departments of work safety, and centers of disease control and prevention of government in China for field investigation and public health practice of MPH students.

Training Objectives

Provide advanced international public health education and practice through interdisciplinary study ranging from basic laboratory science to implementation science;

Train talents from developing countries to be capable of addressing controversial public health issues;

Work to respect the health rights of vulnerable populations, promote health equity and enhance international health cooperation, and establish a global health public network;

Get students trained on the Chinese language and understand the Chinese culture.

Training Direction

Global Public Health

Training Period

2 years, the longest no more than 3 years (suspension time from school and enrollment retention not included)

 Admission Qualifications

Basic requirements: Bachelor’s degree or above in the specialties of medical sciences, nursing, biology, bioscience-related or health-related sciences from a college or university accredited by the ministry of education in the students’ home countries and commitment to the cause of public health.

English Proficiency:

The applicants from non-native English speaking countries must provide proof of English proficiency or college English test scores.

The applicants with TOEFL above 75 (Computer-based) or IELTS (Academic Level) above 6.0 will have preferred admission.

The applicants without the above evidences are required for a long-distance interview.

Credit Requirements and Curriculum(see Table 1)

Students should complete 42 credits of course study within the specified time. Theoretically, most public courses are completed in the first and second semester.

The curriculum includes theory coursesinternational courses, professional training, internship and case discussion.

Professional training includes internships in the labs of School of Public Health, NMU, the centers for disease control and prevention, health inspection institutes, infectious disease hospitals, FDA, EPA, environmental protection bureau, administration departments of work safety, and other related enterprises.

Practice Report & Graduation Thesis

Based on students’ professional practice and research direction during their probation period and selected projects, students are required to write practice reports and graduation theses and defend their theses according to NMU requirements.

Research Directions:

i. Maternal, child and adolescent health & nutrition and food hygiene

ii. Occupation, environment and health

iii. Prevention and control of infectious diseases and chronic diseases

iv. Health education and health promotion

v. Biostatistics

Scholarship Programs

1. Chinese Government Scholarship

This program, initiated by the Ministry of Education of China, based on the education and exchange agreements or MOUs between the Chinese government and other governments or international organizations, provides full or partial scholarship to overseas students. It supports undergraduates, master’s students, doctoral students, students of the Chinese language, general and senior scholars. See for more details.

2. Asia Foreign Study Scholarship

This program is initiated by the Ministry of Education of China to encourage the exchanges and communications among Asian students and scholars so as to promote understanding and cooperation between the Asian nations and improve the overall educational quality in Asia. See for more details

3. China-AUN Scholarship

This is a full scholarship to sponsor students from ASEAN member countries by the Ministry of Education of China. Applicants shall apply to AUN Secretariat. See for more details.

4. China-Pacific Islands Forum Scholarship

This is a full scholarship program for the students from Pacific island countries sponsored by the Ministry of Education of China. Submit the application to the secretariat of Pacific Islands Forum. See for more details.
5. Chinese Government Scholarship-Graduates Program

This is a full scholarship program initiated by the Ministry of Education of China to construct world-class universities and highlight the brand of Chinese higher education by the Ministry of Education of China. Applicants should apply in due time to the universities enlisted in this program. See for more details.

6. Chinese Government Scholarship---Degree Program in Provincial &Autonomous Region Universities

This is a full scholarship program sponsored by the Ministry of Education of China to promote educational exchange and cooperation between China and the neighboring countries. The recruitment is conducted by the provincial or autonomous region educational departments and universities. Applicants should apply in due time to the universities enlisted in this program. See for more details.

7. Chinese Government Scholarship---Local Scholarship Program

This is a full scholarship program initiated by the Ministry of Education of China to promote provincial scholarship programs for overseas students. The recruitment is conducted by the provincial educational departments and the local universities. Applicants should apply in due time to the universities enlisted in this program. See for more detail.

8. Jiangsu Jasmine Scholarship

This program sponsors the overseas students in degree (doctoral, master’s, bachelor’s) programs and exchange students from Jiangsu’s sister provinces/states/shires/counties. Applicants should apply online after being admitted by Jiangsu provincial universities. See more details.

9. Scholarships set up by NMU and the School of Public Health

To be determined.
 Other Awards

One or two students will be awarded “Outstanding Graduate” each year based on academic performance and comprehensive evaluation by the academic board, with certificates conferred by the dean.